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For over two decades APS mastering has alchemized raw mixes into precision sculpted award winning releases. From the indie underground to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, our patrons span all backgrounds and genres.

Located in New York City's vibrant Astoria neighborhood, engineer Alex Saltz has built an acoustically calibrated studio environment with painstakingly sourced equipment that facilitates both artistic exploration and technical scrutiny. We are committed to providing a remarkably positive one-on-one mastering experience-- an intricate, interactive process that preserves and brings to its fullest the essence of an artist's creative expression and intent. Quite honestly we love nothing more than to share our clients' excitement over their completed masters, and feel privileged to take part in delivering their music to the world.




World-Renowned CLientELE

A worldwide client base has come to depend on APS Mastering for a best-in-class mastering experience. We have partnered with local musicians and international chart-toppers alike, providing all with the perfectionistic level of diligence necessary to fully realize a unique and authentic sound.

We've built close relationships along the way and had the pleasure to partner with remarkable acts: David Bowie, Deer Tick, Steven Van Zandt, The Shivers, Ben Harper, REM and countless others.


APS Mastering has partnered with Steven Van Zandt on 17 albums for his label, Wicked Cool Records.

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Whether a project requires a short, transparent signal path or a richer, more textured footprint, we have a palette of analog and digital tools that enhance every aspect of the listening experience. To raise the bar of fidelity even higher, much of our gear has been modified by the best technicians in the world. Our analytical monitoring and calibrated acoustics reveal the full sonic spectrum of your audio.


"His gear, both vintage and modern, has transformed my sterile, digital production into a warm, lush masterpiece."

Mark Jeacoma
Singer Songwriter



"In the music industry, standing out is hard to do. Alex achieves this with ease. If he puts his name on something, it's going to be stellar."

Billie Williams
Singer Songwriter



For a project estimate please email with the following information:

• Number of songs and total project length
• Special editing or restoration requirements
• Requested delivery formats (digital/DDP/vinyl)
• Desired turnaround time